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An anchoring system for beach floats

Ever been to the beach or lake and have your inflatables drift away because of wind or current? Now there is a solution for this problem. The beach bobber, an anchoring system for beach floats. It is easy to attach and is made to last for years. Just think back to your last vacation at the beach, If you used any floats you had the problem of them floating off or being blown away by the wind. The beach bobber allows you to enjoy the beach without always worrying about your floats. All you need to do is simply attach and deploy where you want then enjoy. If you want to take a walk or lay on the beach, your float will still be in the same location you left it. It's just as easy to put away ready for the next use, lightweight and in its own heavy nylon bag that is also easy to carry and store. You will also find a extra pool and boat  attachment along with an extra line so you can attach a friend.

With the beach bobber you will still move depending on your float along with current and wave conditions but at a substantially reduced rate of movement than without it. The beach bobber can be used on many types of inflatable floats, air mattresses that have a pillow, intertubes, chairs and rafts that have a rope or a handle that you can attach the line and never forget the swim noodle. The beach bobber is not intended for use in rough seas or undertow conditions. It’s made to enjoy the many days when the seas are calm, your typical beach day along the gulf coast. The beach bobber can be used on lakes and rivers also. When being used on a river use good sense and know your water conditions and is not intended for use during flooding conditions or fast water.

For those that travel by plane the beach bobber will easily fit into a suite case so you can use it year after year. All you need to do is buy a new inflatable. Can be use with an air mattresses with pillow, inner tubes, noodles, chairs and rafts.

Easy to use and will last for years.