Easy to use and will last for years.


Hello, I'm Michael and the inventor of The beach bobber. Thanks for visiting my site. If you would please drop me a quick note and let me know what you think of my Bobber and my web site. I make the beach bobber by hand here in the U.S.A. I'm a retired Fire Fighter trying to market this idea I came up with. Thanks

On St. Pete Beach Florida, notice how the floats stay in place. 2 mattresses, a chair, a tube and a swim noodle. All held in place with the beach bobber.

Growing up in Florida I have enjoyed going to the beach all my life. I have experienced a variety of beach days. Finding that the majority of times I have spent at the beach are on nice sunny days with the temperature in the upper 90's and a calm breeze blowing. As I was laying on the sand one day I noticed how the current was moving people along the shore. I would see people come and pick their spot out on the beach, get their towels or chairs positioned and relax. Soon they would get hot and go into the water, the next thing they start moving with the current and soon they would be nowhere near their beach set up. I always have my phone, car keys and radio with me, so I need to keep an eye on where I located my beach stuff. I found that if you stood in the water you were able to maintain your position, but if you were swimming you would move down the beach with the current. When I added an air mattress to the mix, I went down the beach with the current much faster than even swimming. Thats when I came up with this system. It will work on most floats, and is easy to use and carry. It can also be used at the pool with an attachment (included) that will hold you in one spot in the pool, this same attachment can also be used while out boating and will hold your air mattress by attachment to the boats hull. I hope you enjoy the beach bobber. Let me know what you think of it on our face book page.  Thanks again for visiting our site.